Get smart about fire sprinklers

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Today there are many automated options that make homes more comfortable, energy efficient, cost-effective and safe. Typically referred to as smart home technology, these features may include automating control of items such as lighting, temperature, window shades, surveillance cameras, locks, smoke alarms, even pet feeders. Often, these features have smartphone apps that allow the homeowner to control them from anywhere.


There is one technology that is so smart it can save the lives of everyone in the home, including pets. It works independently and an app is not needed: home fire sprinklers. Smoke alarms warn you if there is smoke in your home, but your escape depends on your hearing the alarm and your ability to act on it. Fire sprinklers are smart because they automatically control or put out the fire quickly so everyone can get out of the home safely.


Each sprinkler has a temperature-sensitive component, often a glass bulb that works like a plug. If a fire starts, the high heat from the fire, usually between 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit, breaks the bulb, allowing the water to flow onto the fire. Typically, only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, not the entire system. Smoke from burnt food or smoking materials can’t activate the system, only high heat.


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