Get the jump on spring cleaning

By Joanne Loos


While the state of living for the majority of us remains in flux, my husband and I are finding peace in looking to what never changes: the joy on our kids’ faces when we bust out the popsicles, the way our dog eagerly jumps when we squeak her toys and the way our family makes us laugh when we talk.

Not all of the constants are natural joy-bringers, but they are constants nonetheless: laundry will always need to be done, the house is always a mess and the weeds in our yard continue to grow. As we spend more time at home, I am finding some sanity in tackling the never-ending tasks that wait for no one. Even with store shelves virtually depleted of cleaning supplies, you can still tidy up and get to work. You can make your own cleaner using kitchen ingredients, or work on tasks that need nothing more than some time and effort. Now that spring has sprung, here is a list of what I plan to tackle as part of my spring-cleaning regimen:


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