Got termites?

Experts say you likey do


Termites are everywhere in Hawaii — it is estimated these pests cost residents $100 million or more annually. Are they in your home?

“Especially in Hawaii, our homes are often the biggest investments we make in our lifetime. A termite problem can significantly impact us, as they eat our homes from the inside out, often undetected,” says Maria Aihara-Sasaki, who has a master’s degree in entomology from University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has studied Formosan subterranean and West Indian drywood termites for more than 17 years. “Almost every older home in Hawaii has some termite damage.”

Part of Aihara-Sasaki’s resume includes 20 years as a research associate at UH, where she was the laboratory manager and project coordinator for the termite program: Educate to Eradicate. She explains there are two types of prevalent termites in Hawaii — drywood and subterranean — and, she points out, both types fly, though they colonize in different ways and require different methods of treatment.


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