Shoring up senior bathing

In 1911, The Kohler Company invented the porcelain-coated cast-iron built-in tub. Considered an engineering marvel, and artistic achievement at the time, they soon made their way into all of Hawaii’s newly built houses in the 1920s.

These cast-iron tubs are ubiquitous in all of Hawaii’s original neighborhoods. As manufacturing technologies evolved, and new building materials became available, enameled steel and fiberglass composite tubs became the new standard.

Almost every house for those living in Hawaii was built with a bathtub, due to its practical and economical nature. Baths were enjoyable as a child, but as time marches on, we now prefer to take showers instead of soaking baths due to the limited time in our busy days. Further down the road, we start to realize that something that was once easy, like getting in and out of the tub to take a shower, isn’t as easy and fun as it used to be.


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