Smart Home Choices That Save Money



It may seem hard to believe, but your home really can save you money.


HK Construction, a fourth-generation company in Hawaii, is known for its quality renovations, new constructions, rebuilds and accessory dwelling units (also known as ADUs or ohana housing). For every project it undertakes, the HK team carefully guides homeowners through the many decisions that need to be made, providing smart options to save you money for years to come.


In this second article in a series on “high-performance homes,” HK Construction shares some key insights that every homeowner should consider when beginning a home construction project.


Everyone agrees, “We get what we pay for.” Selecting quality, long-lasting materials that are best suited to our island climate is certainly one of the wisest choices that can be made. HK Construction understands the unique challenges that our salty island breezes pose to our treasured investments. Wise choices made today about everything from lumber and steel to flooring and paint ensures durability and minimal maintenance requirements down the road.


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