Time to reimagine your spaces

By Hawaii Renovation


We are all spending more time together in our homes, and this might be prime time for us to take stock of our living spaces. What would make it your dream home?

How about family? For instance, your parents might be safe, but just a little too far away for your liking. Keep them close with an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and enjoy peace of mind.

An ADU is a smaller structure built on your property to house your parents, or perhaps that young husband-and-wife duo that represents your family’s new generation.

Or, it might be that add-on you have always been interested in. It might make sense to take a closer look at your living space and determine what you really need in order to be comfortable. So, that oversized garage might just find new life as a living space, complete with an extra bathroom, to accommodate your growing family. Who knows? There might even be room for a home office!


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